The Korea / Vietnam Memorial
National Education Center
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  Our Goals  
  Our goal is to help construct a living memorial that will:

  • Preserve and share the personal memories, accomplishments, and historically significant artifacts of the Korea/Vietnam era, as well as other conflicts involving United States Forces.
  • Create a unique library featuring permanent audiovisual records of all wars to include interviews with military and government leaders and a depository of documents.
  • Honor the service of all veterans of the United States and her allies by creating a trail of History Park surrounding the National Education Center.
  • Establish computerized video tape biographical data of veterans which will show photo, biography, branch of service and historical events.
  • Create an International Hall of Friendship and understanding where the role of United States forces and our allies will be presented.
  • Become a dynamic resource for colleges and universities both as a research center and a facilitator for student interaction with diverse people who helped shape history. To assist public and private school systems by utilizing primary resource people and materials in accredited classes to "teach the teachers".
  • Create an on-site facility for public seminars and conferences for use by civic, veteran and military organizations